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The Refresh Package pinpoints key parts of your vehicle so that it continues to look its best. This package is a good way to maintain the appearance of your weekend track-weapon, or any other car that has been appropriately protected with one of our other packages.

  • Full wheel wash and tire moisturizer
  • Proper foam and hand wash
  • Paint hydration and streak-free dry
  • High-power compressed air to remove standing water from crevices and jambs
  • Interior component wipe-down
  • Interior and Exterior glass cleaning
  • Full interior vacuum
  • Starting at: $260.00


The Essentials Package adds to the Refresh Package by including proper preparation procedures with a clay bar treatment, followed up with protective finishers such as waxing. This package will ensure your vehicle continues to maintain a show-ready shine for weeks after the wash.

Includes the Refresh Package plus the following:

  • Iron particle removal
  • Clay Bar treatment***
  • Rim protection (protects for up to four months)
  • Hand wax (maintains shine for as long as six months)
  • Hand sealant application
  • Twelve months of protection – add $260
  • Starting at: $720 (hand wax), $980 (sealant)

***Clay Bar treatment may cause light marring, requiring a light machine polish to correct


The Rejuvenate Package adds to the Essentials Package by working through your vehicle’s interior and exterior in a corrective fashion to bring the life back to your vehicle. This package will benefit cars that may be in need of a little extra love.

Includes the Essentials Package plus the following:

  • Interior surface cleansing and moisturizer
  • Single-step paint refinement***
  • Starting at: $1,600 (hand wax), $1,900 (sealant)

***Treatment typically removes 50% – 65% of marring in the paint surface


The Revitalize Package adds to the Rejuvenate Package by addressing the smallest details of the car, with the highest level of attention. This package suits the most discerning owners by touching every single part of the vehicle’s surface.

Includes the Rejuvenate Package plus the following:

  • Engine bay detail
  • Two to three-step paint refinement process***
  • Starting at: $2,200 (hand wax), $2,500 (sealant)

 ***Treatment typically removes 80% – 98% of marring in the paint surface


The Alpha Package adds to the Rejuvenate Package by including additional steps to protect your new car and create a very hydrophobic surface. We highly recommend this package to our new car owners to protect their investment.

  • Alpha Paint ceramic coating applications (protects for up to four years)
  • Alpha Glass ceramic coating application (protects for up to four years)
  • Alpha Rim ceramic coating applications (protects for up to two years)
  • Starting at: $3,000 (rims and tires on) $3,400 (rims and tires off)

***Coating longevity is determined by factors including proper upkeep, miles driven and storage

Á la Carte Options

The detailing professionals at Alpha Garage Chicago also offers Á la Carte options to complete your detailing experience some of these options are listed below, and all are quoted by visual inspection.

  • Paint chip touch-up
  • Scratch removal
  • Ozone generation / air purification machine
  • Undercarriage detail
  • Paint Protection Film removal
  • Wet Sanding

Not sure what your car needs? Be sure to contact Alpha Garage Chicago’s professional detailing staff. They’re more than happy to walk you through our process.

Bradley Mills | Detailing Specialist


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