We understand you might have a few questions before booking with Alpha Garage Chicago, so we’ve taken the time to answer some of them below:

What type of vehicles can be stored in Alpha Garage Chicago?

While we are known for mainly storing luxury, exotic and classic cars, we are happy to house any vehicle in our facility. There are no vehicle make and model restrictions, however we offer different pricing for oversized vehicles, motorcycles, and boats. If it has four wheels, an engine and you care about it, then so do we.

Yes, we require all member vehicles to be insured while they are parked in our facility.

The indoor parking garage includes a 45,000 square foot space that is climate controlled. The entire property, which includes the garage itself and 45 outdoor spaces for business hour visitors, takes up one city block in Chicago’s West Loop.

Only members of Alpha Garage Chicago will have access to their vehicle in the garage. While other car owners can visit the facility at the same time, only you will have access to your vehicle. Staff members will also have access to your vehicle for washes, car starts, and requested moves to or from the loading bay.

We offer month to month, 6 month, and 12 month commitments with a basic or premium membership at Alpha Garage Chicago. There is a 10% discount for members who make a 6 to 12 month commitment. All members are required to pay a security deposit before their membership begins.

We understand that life happens and you might need to pause your membership with us. If a member who has committed to a 6 to 12 month membership decides to terminate their membership early, they will lose their security deposit.

Absolutely, we can help! We have a dedicated sales team that can help members sell their vehicle as well as look into purchasing a new car.

Membership must be paid by the 1st of each month.

In addition to our basic and premium membership services, we also offer interior car cleaning, vacuuming, detailing, battery checks, storage locker rentals, vehicle sales, and an event space available for rent.

Once the lounge expansion is complete, it will include an arcade area, movie theatre, private offices, storage locker rentals for personal items, and an event space to host work or personal gatherings.

The bimonthly car wash includes an exterior cleaning only. Vacuuming, interior cleaning and more are available for owners to purchase each month.

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