Basic and Premium Membership
Amenities With Us

Alpha Garage Chicago offers more than just vehicle storage, privacy and security for your vehicle. Your car is important to you, so it is important to us. Our team puts high quality care into the services we provide for both tiers of membership. Below is an in-depth overview of the services included for Basic and Premium members of Alpha Garage Chicago:

Basic Membership Amenities

  • Standard Vehicle Access
    Visit our 45,000 square foot facility through the main entrance off of West Madison Street during business hours. After checking in with our staff, you’ll be able to visit or pick up your vehicle within the garage.
  • Schedule A Visit Or Pickup Anytime (With 24 Hour Notice)
    We also offer the convenience of a pick up, drop off, or a simple visit to your vehicle outside of business hours. Basic level members are required to provide a 24 hour notice. Once that is complete, our team will provide you with an access code to enter the premises after hours.
  • Private Pick-up Or Offload
    Because privacy is a priority among all of our members, we have a private loading bay for members to pick up or drop off their vehicle at the garage. To further protect your privacy, our staff can also transport your vehicle to or from the private loading bay.
  • Complimentary Car Washes
    To ensure your vehicle’s appearance looks fresh, we provide one complimentary car washes to all vehicles each month.
  • Ignition Starts
    Our staff starts up your vehicle on the first and 15th of each month, to make sure the igniter and engine are in working order. Owners may also request a battery tender to be included in this service each month.

Premium Membership Amenities

Alpha Garage Chicago’s premium level members receive all of the benefits of our basic membership plus even more convenient access to the facility. Listed below are just some of the perks:

  • 24 Hour Keycard Access
    Visit our garage outside of business hours and without notice through our premium membership keycard access.
  • Remote Camera Access
    Check in on your vehicle through a smartphone or tablet with remote camera access to our facility. You won’t have to drive to us to simply see how your car is doing.
  • Exclusive Access To Alpha Garage Chicago’s Lounge
    Escape from home for a bit, unwind, or work in peace inside our luxury lounge for premium members only. Lounge amenities currently include free wifi, coffee, comfortable couches and chairs, and tables to work. We have a 5000 square foot expansion to this current lounge that will also be available soon.

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“I turn to Alpha Garage for any of my collection’s needs. Whether it is a dealer, auction house, detailer or restoration shop, Alpha Garage has taken the time to develop relationships with the best in every category. ”

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