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To say we care about cars is a complete understatement of our drive and dedication to storing and caring for your vehicle(s). At Alpha Garage Chicago, you, your car, and your privacy are our top priority.

Not only do we maintain top quality security for your vehicle(s), but we also make our garage convenient for you to access day or night. Let us provide the peace of mind and respect you and your vehicle deserve.

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Car Care Beyond
What’s Expected

Saying we care about your car is an understatement. We value your car like it is family or a timeless piece of art, so becoming a member with us means care beyond protective parking and maintenance. Treat you and your vehicle to parking within our protected and climate controlled facility.

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High-End Security
and Privacy

Keeping your vehicles safe and secure is one of our top priorities at Alpha Garage Chicago. We also respect your privacy, which is why accessing your classic car with us is a seamless and convenient experience inside our facility.

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Access Your Classic
Car Day or Night

Whether you need it to drive in the early hours of the morning or simply check in on your vehicle, feel free to visit Alpha Garage Chicago at any time.

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Car Detailing

Professional Car Detailing

Not sure what your car needs? Be sure to contact Alpha Garage Chicago’s professional detailing staff. They’re more than happy to walk you through our process.

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Security - 24 Hours a Day


24 hours a day

Started Twice a Month

Started Twice

a month

Tow Truck – Easy Entry

Tow Truck

easy entry

Car Charging Unlimited

Car Charging


Why Choose Us

Why Choose Us
Car Storage Chicago

Object under protection

Access to the facility

Access by a tow truck

Washing and vacuuming

Battery charging

Extra amenities

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Top Tier Security

24h / day

Easy Entry with a Tow Truck

2 times a month


Rest Area

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Client Testimonials

“I turn to Alpha Garage for any of my collection’s needs. Whether it is a dealer, auction house, detailer or restoration shop, Alpha Garage has taken the time to develop relationships with the best in every category. ”

John B.



Alpha Garage Storage


M - F 10 AM - 8 PM
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1260 W Madison St
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